बुधवार, मई 17, 2006

The lyrical beauty of Gulzar : Hazaar Raahein [Thodi Si Bewafaai]

Hazaar Raahein!
What a song!!! Simply one of the all time finest songs in its genre..Not many legendary writers have touched this theme in songs.. The broken relationship of a married couple and the EGO factor has never been portrayed in a song so honstly and ofc poetic manner as this one.. I haven't seen the film for a long long time (almost 20 years), but I can relive the film thru this one song...

The relationship is already broken...None of the two wanted it to be broken... First some situations created confusions and the faith got a few cracks.. The duo wanted to fillup the cracks but it is the ENEMY WITHIN (the Ego) which eventually became the villain and responsible for the separation...

Hazaar Raahein Mud Ke Dekhi
Kahin se koi sadaa na aayi

After the seperation, the duo wants to come together once again, but the problem is who will give the first call .... Peechhe mud ke dekha zaroor par yahaan bhi EGO hai ki doosra aawaaz de.. Khud uski or chalne ki bajaay, intezaar kar rahe hain ki wo pahle pukare...

Badi wafa se nibhayi tumne
Hamari Thodi Si Bewafai

"EGO" factor itna strong hai ki relationship ko nibhane ke bajaay "Bewafaai" ko nibhana opt kiya... Akhir is seperation ko to bahut wafaa se nibaah kiya hai...

Jahaan se tum mod mud gaye the
Ye mod ab bhi wahin khade hain

There is a hope ki "TUM" waapas laut ke aaoge.. par WO laut ke kaise aayenge UNke pairon me to "EGO" ki bediyaan padi hain.. The questiions, confusions, uha-poh and the EGO is beautifully reflected by bhanwar as she says..

"Ham apne pairon me jaane kitne bhanwar lapete hue khade hain"

Another significant statement in the above line is that the "Bhanwar" is not forced upon.. but khud hi lapete hue hain..

Kahin kisi roz youn bhi hota, hamari haalat tumhari hoti
jo raat hamne gujaari mar ke, wo raat tumne gujaari hoti

Dono is seperation se naakhush hain.. magar phir bhi dono ko lagta hai ki uska dard jyada bada hai (wahi EGO).. dono ye samajh rahe hain, ki dard kewal use hi hai, and the other one is happy..

Unhe ye zid thi ki ham bulate, hamein ye umeed wo pukare
Hai naam hothon pe ab bhi lekin, aawaaz me pad gayee daraarein

Beautiful lines... Complete film in just one couplet (not to forget, this was a title song, not sure though if the song was written on title, or the title was selected from the song.. )..Anyway the above lines reflects the two most important factors of their marriage.. "LOVE" and "EGO".. They do love each other ("Hai naam hothon pe ab bhi" yet the "EGO" is bigger ki pahal kaun kare..

Straight from the book of Life... The lines are poetic and the composition is melodious yet the Punch is there and the song is honest to the script..

Khaiyyam saab provided a decent composition and Kishore da and Lata ji rendered it to perfaction...

just another gulzar fan
Pavan Jha