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The Lyrical Beauty of Paheli -4 : Khali Hai Tere Bin

After a small break, I am back and we continue with our ongoing series
on Paheli songs and this time we explore the lyrical beauty of "Khali
hai tere bin". "Khali hai tere bin" is a "Viraha" song and soulful
rendering by Hariharan and Bela (Saregama winner) adds value to the
composition and lyrics. The song reminds me of Maachis's "Tum gaye sab
gaya" primarily due to the mood of the song.. The mukhada is typical
gulzarish in its lines

"khali hai tere bina dono ankhiyaan tum gaye kahaan
ankhiyon ke aalon me tere bina
raat bhar jalti hai baatiyan"

where are you, without you, I am left emotionless
and having sleepless nights (raat bhar jalti hai baatiyan)

The lovers (ghost and laachhi) are seperated, and finding life
difficult and emotionless in the phase of seperation.. They are
recalling the moments they spent together. I think the song is placed
when the real Shahrukh (the human) returns back and the ghost Shahrukh
is seperated from Raani and the two lovers missing each other recalls
the time of togetherness.. "Ankhiyon ke Aalon" is a nice expression as
a placeholder for baatiyan (light) and signifies sleeplessness..

Ghost Shahrukh asks

"Doob-ta hai din to shaam ko, saaye udate hain teri yaadein liye
Laakh din hue hain ki raat ko aadhe chaand se teri baatein kiye"

Every evening, the images (of you) captures my attention and its been
a long time since we have seperated

"Yaad hai kya tujhe raah ki beriyaan"
Do you still remember the time that we have spent together?

Raani replies (might not be face to face)

"ek ek baat yaad hai, aadhi raat ke poore chaand ko
jaagti huee bhi hoon khwaab me, chehra ek hai, leti hoon naam do"

Yes I remember every single moment that we spent together..
Though I am facing the truth (jaagati huee means, living with Shahrukh
the human) still I am in my dreams (dreams reflect Shahrukh the
ghost, which is not real)... "Chehra ek hai, leti hoon naam do" (The
face of her husband remains the same but for her the two hearts are
different in character)

"Reet ke teelon ki sunti hoon boliyaan"

Here gulzar saab comes up with his unique style of merging a similar
sounding word instead of a popular and common word used. "Ret ke
teelon" is replaced by "Reet ke teelon" (do you recall any other
instances?, there are many more) and the line singnifies that she is
bound by traditional rules and helpless. Seems that Panchayat (village
administration) seperated the lovers in the name of traditions (will
know the exact context only after viewing the film)

MM Kreem then gets Hariharan at full blast to express the pain of
seperation of two characters. In one of the interludes, he has used
the antara of "dheere jalna" beautifully..

beautiful song indeed..

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