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The Lyrical Beauty of Paheli -3 : Dheere Jalna

Its time for discussing the opening track of the album "dheere jalna".
"Dheere Jalna" is a fantastic composition by MM Kreem and rendered
beautifully by Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal. But its lyrics of the
song that captures the theme and mood of the film amazingly.

The song is woven around the theme of a dream and the song talks about
many dreams in the context of the film. As we have discussed the theme
of the film earlier, where "Shahrukh the ghost" disguise himself as
the husband of newly wed Raani Mukherjee when her husband "Shahrukh
the human" moves out for five long years on the night of the wedding
it self. Sapne jo toot chuke hain (with the exit of Shahrukh the
human") , aur naye sapne jo aakaar le rahe hain (with the entry of
"Shahrukh the ghost"). This is definately picturised on Shahrukh the
ghost and most possibly after Raani comes to know about the truth of
Shahrukh the ghost.

"kaanch ka sapna gal hi naa jaaye
soch samajh kar aanch rakh-na
dheere jalna dheere jalna, zindagi ki lau pe jal-na"

"kaanch ka sapna" conveys a few things. One thing is that the dream is
fragile in nature and would not last long. Second it would be more
painful when it breaks and third it depicts the Ghost itself is a
dream and Kaanch ka sapna could mean Ghost who is the mirror image of
her husband and may not live long with her.
"Gal hi naa jaaye" reflects coming to the terms, the truth That is why
Shahrukh the ghost ask to take precautions while making a relationship
as it might not last long (soch samajh kar aanch rakhana)

But then Shahrukh the ghost have an objective behind all his disguise act.

"Tere roop ki halki dhoop me, do hi pal hain jeene hain
Teri aankh me dekh chuka hoon, jo sapne hain, seene hain"

Halki dhoop depicts a pale face, ek udaas chehra despite being a newly
wed wife. Shahrukh the ghost also understands that his relationship
will not last long with her and he has just "Do hi pal". But he has
seen the broken dreams in her eyes, which the (dreamstailor) ghost
will repair (jo sapne hain, seene hain - sewing the broken dreams) by
giving her some good company.

"Aankhon me sapno ki kirachein hain, chubhti hain
dheere jalna.."

as the dream is broken in pieces, the pieces hurts a lot....

MM Kreem's use of instruments at this moment takes the song to another

Raani seems to be undecisive till this point, but finally she finds
the ghost's company acceptable and she joins
"socha na tha, zindagi aise phir se milegi jeene ke liye
aankhon ko pyaas lagegi, apne hi aansoo peene ke liye"

She gets a life to live again and also gets her emotions back
(aankhein to aansoo nikaal kar sookh chuki hain, all emotions have
dried up, and this relationship will get back all the emotions for

zindagi ki lau pe jalna...


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Unknown ने कहा…

While I was mesmerised by the beauty of the songs, I have further understood the depth of its meaning. Gulzarsaab is truly inimitable.