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Online Gulzar Quiz (Birthday Celebrations on 18.08.2010) : Answer and Results


Have organised an online quiz on August 18, 2010 on Gulzar saab's 76th Birthday and had some real good participation. Everybody participated in the quiz had good fun and I hope they really enjoyed it. Posting the Quiz Questions and Answers as some of you who could not participate due to time difference.. The quiz was organized on @kweezzz channel on twitter.

Q1.When Gulzar saab was writing the script of one of the film, he named Hero on the name of the waiter serving him. The waiter was working in the hotel where Gulzar saab was writing the script. Name the Character, Hotel & Film

Additional Clues:
It was based on a Novel.. The novel was written by a prominent novelist of Hindi literature.. written in parallel to the script

A1. The Character name (waiter's actual name) is J.K., played by Sanjeev Kumar. The film is Aandhi and the real life Hotel is Hotel Akbar.

Additional Notes: Aandhi was based on the novel written by Kamaleshwar ji titled Kaali Andhi. The novel was written in parallel to the script of the film.

Identify the film of this dialog.

"Yah to Bhootiya ghar lagta hai yaar.."
"Yaar, bhoot itne khoobsurat hote hain mujhe nahin maloom tha"

Additional Clues:
An unusual film for this kind of dialog based on work of another legend! The film featuring Sharmila Tagore.

A2. The film Khushboo... when Jitendra visits Sharmila Tagore's house for the first time!

Additional Notes:
Khushboo was based on Sharatchandra's classic "Pandit Moshay".

Q3. Apart from Achanak, which of the Gulzar film (feature film directed by him) was not having any of his lyrics?

A3. The film is Meera..Meera featured all songs as bhajans actually penned by Meera Baai, and did not feature any song penned by Gulzar saab.

Additional Notes : Some people mentioned Koshish, Sahira and Ek Akar.. Koshish had two songs penned by Gulzar saab.. while Sahira and Ek Akar were documentaries... These documentaries were not originally made by Gulzar saab but his dear friend S. Sukhdev, which Gulzar saab tookover to complete after Sukhdev's death.

Q4. Name the film/project where gulzar saab is credited for lyrics and Henry Mancini for background score.

Additional Clues:
Hint : Film directed by Phil Roman:)
Music by Vishal Bhardwaj
Hint : Film on the most popular legendary onscreen artists

A4. The answer is Billu aur Pillu... Dubbed version of Tom & Jerry : The Movie (1994)

Additional Notes:

The answer is here

Q5. Connect Poornima, Khamoshi, Kinara (common factor), all had lyrics by Gulzar saab. looking for a precise answer..

Additional Clues:
Bandini is odd one out in the groups of four (with three mentioned in Q5.. Poornima, Khamoshi, Kinara)

A5. All the films had atleast one gulzar penned song picturised on Dharmendra..

Q6. Any easy one.. which film is this dialog from

"Listen I am not a bloody politician. I face things straight in the face"

A6. Its from Aandhi, when Sanjeev Kumar confronts Suchitra Sen.

Q7. An interesting one as far as film credits are concerned..Take a look at the following image and identify the film (Gulzar saab credited for "Re Direction" of the film!

Additional Clues:
The film was produced by P.L. Anand.
Hint : Milo, Otis..

A7. The answer is Chatran.. The hindi version of The adventures of Milo and Otis.. Music by RD Burman..

Additional Notes:
Chatran... a beautiful film....in hindi must watch for Gulzar saab's commentary and Pancham's music.

Q8. Which of the mother and daughter actress pair is directed by Gulzar saab (in different films)

Additional Clues:
Hint : The two heroines are from Bengal.

A8. The correct answer is Suchitra Sen (in Aandhi) and Moon Moon Sen (Lekin)..

Q9. Which Legendary actor died before finishing the dubbing for Libaas and Johnny Lever dubbed for him?

A9. Johnny Lever dubbed for Utpal Dutt.

Q10. For which Gulzar directed film Amitabh Bachchan was signed as Hero and Lakshmikant Pyarelal as music directors.. but changed later..

A10. The correct answer is Meera... Amitabh Bachchan shot for a few reels for Vinod Khanna character. And Pt. Ravishankar got in after Laxmikant Pyarelal backed out.

Additional Notes:
an excellent account by Gulzar saab himself on the making of Meera on this blog

Q11. Basu Bhattacharya started a film with #Gulzar saab in the lead & Sharmila in female lead.. but shelved after a few reels. Name the film.

Additional Clues:
The title of the shelved film was very Poetic! Gulzar saab has actually appeared in four films Jalianwala Bagh, Griha Pravesh, Wajood and Chachi 420.

A11. The title was "Asamaapt Kavita"

Q12. On which of the Gulzar short story, Nadira acted in the lead in TV Serial Kirdaar..

Additional Clues:
Gulzar saab's Short story has the same name of a famous Hollywood film of 1950.

A12. Sunset Boulevard
Additional Notes:
Superb performance by Nadira ji in one of her last appearances..

Q13. Name the film from which famous humorous dialog taken.

"Aaj hamare beech Pandit Ji nahi hain, Neta Ji nahi hain, Gandhi ji nahi hain aur meri bhi tabiyat kuchh theek nahin chal rahi"

A13. Mere Apne.. Way back in 1971.. Asit Sen speaks during a political speech!

Q14. Name the first time he wrote lyrics for a film directed by a music director. Name the film.

Additional Clues:
Hint : It was not Ishqiya.... The story line was very similar to Ishqiya though
Hint : featured one of the most legendary natural performers of old time (Naseer played the same in Ishqiya) & comedian as sidekick (Ashrad Warsi played it in Ishqiya)

A14. The answer is Pinjare Ke Panchhi (1966), directed by music director Salil Chowdhury.

Additional Notes:
Balraj Sahni and Mehmood played small time crooks in the lead.. running away from police, lands in a vilage at Meena Kumari's house (played a widow). Even Balraj Sahni and Mehmood played Muslim characters,pretend to be Mama-Bhanja (as in Ishqiya)
Salil Chowdhury directed his. The stroy was also written by him, while Shailendra penned the dialogs and songs, while Gulzar saab penned one song.

Thats it as far as Qs & As are concerned. Time to declare Winners.

The Winner:
@v9y - 52 points

The Runners up:
@dildhoondhtahai - 37 points

Next (up[to first ten)

3. @neetikakapur - 21 points
4. @AuteurPravesh - 18 points
5. @gauravsabnis - 12 points

6 to 8.
@ronyd, @kcpingle, @bhuvanmehta - 11 points each

9. @sandeepish - 10 points
10. @vicramb - 10 points

Congratulations to all the winners. They are requested to contact me at http://twitter.com/p1j for prizes. Thanks to entire team of http://twitter.com/kweezzz channel for hosting the quiz.

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swati ने कहा…

dear gulzaar saab
i am a college going MBA grad,n whenever i am distressed or my lifes turbulent i listen to you..."kitna bada haath tha tumhara"....."neeche behta dariya keh raha tha mujhe apne aagosh mai le lo,mai tumhari badnammi k sare daag chuppa dunga"....."achanak se gulzar keh kar bula liya tumne mujhe naam se pukaro ye naam bhi to accha hai".....whenevr i listen you speaking my heart of heart becomes happy,i am transecended to some other world such is your power gulzar sahab....hum sukun magne jate hai bhagwan k paas..aapke shabdo mai bahut sukun hai...i forget the world when i listen to you.such is ur magic!!!

Amit ने कहा…

Pavanji. Excellent.

aise sawal hain ki ache ache gulzar fans ki peshaani pe bhi paseena aa jaye.. bahut maza aaya ye kweezzz dekh kar

बेनामी ने कहा…

Kya aap bata sakte hai ki film Chatran DVD ya VCD par uplabdha hai ya nahi ?

Mujhe Gulzar saab dwaara nirdeshit yeh film badi acchi lagti thi. Bahut khojne ke baad bhi is film ki DVD/VCD nahi mil paayi. Kya aap kuch jaankaari de sakte hai.

Bhupesh Arya ने कहा…

Dear Guljar saheb.... Its for all of hindi lyricist :

Jhakm ghahre ho kabhi , Ruh pyassi ho kabhi ,
Rahe khtm na ho manjilo ki talas mai jab kabhi ,
Pyar adhura mar mite jab kabhi....
Umide kayam rehthi hai phir bhi .. Ek saans wo alg hoti hai.. Ek umang wo alag hoti hai, Ek jjba wo alag hota hai.. Ek lafz wo alg hota hai..... wo pal kisi or mai ni bs hindi mai baya hota hai.. Kyu k Hindi hai ,hum vatan hai hindustan humara... Hindi divas ki hardik badhai . Bhupesh arya , 9460202912 udpr, rajasthan ..

बेनामी ने कहा…

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